The outlook for 2016...'s bad i'm afraid

Despite the mild start to the year for some areas of the UK, the weather is due to worsen significantly through February, March and into April.

So how bad will it be?
UK 2016 Weather

The Met Office has cautioned of the risk of troublesome driving conditions because of slush and snow, which will move from western Scotland down to southern England all through Saturday. Temperatures are required to tumble to as low as - 10C in rustic Scotland throughout the weekend as the winter chill sets in over the UK.

Extreme climate notices have been issued for vast parts of the UK this weekend, with a 100-mile passageway of snow set to hit the nation and temperatures anticipated that would drop to - 10C in a few ranges.

Twelve yellow "know" cautions for ice have been issued crosswise over Scotland, north-west England, the Midlands, southern England and London. The chilly spell, anticipated to keep going for no less than 48 hours, is an after effect of an ice oceanic air mass moving over the UK, forecasters said.

Types of weather possible

What's in store for the UK?


None at Xmas but loads in the first three months of 2016


Our old friend rain...lots of it too


Cold, dense and very hard to see through!

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